ITE and Medical Applications

SNP-M159-X (150W, Open Frame)

SNP-M159-XU (150W, with metal U-shape P.S.)

SNP-M159-XC (150W, with metal Enclosure P.S.)

SNP-M20 (200W), SNP-M30 (300W)



Output Specifications:
Rated Power Model No. OUTPUT Size WxLxH
150W SNP-M159-1 +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +12V/4A, -12V/1.25A 80x150x38 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-1U +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +12V/4A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-1C +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +12V/4A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44.5 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-2 +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +36V/1.3A, -12V/1.25A 80x150x38 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-2U +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +36V/1.3A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-2C +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +36V/1.3A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44.5 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-3 +24V/5A, +12V/4A, +36V/1.3A, -12V/1.25A 80x150x38 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-3U +24V/5A, +12V/4A, +36V/1.3A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-3C +24V/5A, +12V/4A, +36V/1.3A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44.5 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-4 +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +48V/1A, -12V/1.25A 80x150x38 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-4U +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +48V/1A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-4C +24V/5A, +5V/4.5A, +48V/1A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44.5 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-5 +24V/5A, +12V/4A, +48V/1A, -12V/1.25A 80x150x38 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-5U +24V/5A, +12V/4A, +48V/1A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44 (mm)
150W SNP-M159-5C +24V/5A, +12V/4A, +48V/1A, -12V/1.25A 90x152x44.5 (mm)